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Stationary scrap shear blades

We produce scrap shear blades for stationary shears, in highest precision and quality "Made in Germany". The latest steel alloys and state-of-the-art heat treatments developed especially for the needs of our customers are the basis of our products. The selection of materials and heat treatment is carried out according to your requirements and our application experience.

High-performance scrap shear blades– mobile and stationary:

  • Made from German alloy tool steel
  • Specially developed for the processing of metal scrap
  • machined, hardened and ground ready for installation
  • According to customer drawings or measurements
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Complete sets available from stock


The blades convince with their high toughness, high cut resistance and the resulting long service lives. The trouble-free installation is guaranteed by a high accuracy of fit.



Andreas Lassen
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